Do you know your 501 Outs?

I mean really know 501 Outs?

If you want to win more 501 games then these are the secrets you need.

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Out-charts are NOT the answer.

  • Discover The Single Most Important Strategy – It is so simple and basic you could miss it and most players do. This is the “Golden Rule” of 501.
  • Avoid These Eight Numbers At All Costs – If you don’t you will suffer the consequence … more defeats.
  • Master This Part Of The Dart Board And Put Yourself In The Winner’s Circle – Playing smart here separates you from the “average” player.
  • Watch Out For These “Trap” Numbers and The” Cursed Triple” – or give your opponent a free throw at the board!
  • Guarantee Yourself A Shot At Winning With This Valuable Tip – This one separates the ‘best’ from the ‘rest’ … it will put you in a league of your own.
  • Crush Your Opponent With These Finishes – It is certain to give you the psychological edge … and rattle the competition.
  • Use This Winning Strategy – and make more “close” games go your way
  • Break This Old Habit – If you wan’t your game to improve.

Learning 501 Outs

You might be wondering what qualifies me to bring to you these winning tips about 501 outs. Fair question …

I spent over 25 years in the game of darts …eight of them with the ‘best dart players’ in the world.

As President of the National Darts Federation of Canada, I helped organize the best in my country and, at times, the best dart players in the world, including:

  • National Championships with the top players in Canada including world ranked Bob Sinnaeve.
  • We organized Canadian Opens which drew many of the world top players such as Eric Bristow, John Lowe, Bob Anderson, Bob Sinnaeve and Phil Taylor.
  • World Cup VII which brought the world’s best dart players.

I represented Canada at the:

  • World Darts Federation (WDF) – World Cups IV, V, VI and VII
  • British Darts Organization (BDO) – World Championships
  • Winmau World Masters and Embassy World Professionals and the British Open
  • American Darts Organization (ADO) – USA versus Canada Challenge Cup

This gave me an opportunity to to study the best players in the world.

I don’t say these things to brag. I simply want you to know that I didn’t pull these ideas out of thin air. It took time and a lot of study while working with the best dart players.

Finally, I got a chance to put my winning knowledge to the ‘real’ test.

I became the television ‘darts spotter’ for the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) and TSN (Television Sports Network). CBC televised our National Championships, Canadian Opens and World Cup VII and TSN covered the Number 7 Canadian Darts Classsics. I had the pleasure of being the ‘darts spotter’ when Phil Taylor won his first international title.

To do this job I had to have a ‘complete knowledge’ of the game. I had to know what the players could shoot – what options they had and I had to ‘spot’ these in a matter of split seconds and relay these to the cameraman.

I was able to put my knowledge of these ‘Winning Strategies’ to work but don’t take my word for it. I worked with CBC cameraman Ray Waines and here is what he has to say ….

Ray Waines like 501 Outs book

“Bill’s knowledge of the game and more precisely, of dart combinations and winning dart strategies was amazing.

I learned a lot about darts from him, as there is more to the Darts game than meets the eye. Accuracy is only one element. To win, you must know the ‘best’ way to break down the board, so that you can give yourself the ‘best’ odds of winning. Bill Spears knew all of this and it showed with the precision of his calls! This certainly made my job easier and for the Television viewers, who could sit back and enjoy seeing darts at there very best.”

Ray Waines,

(Former Television cameraman for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) covered national and international Darts Championships includung Canadian Opens and World Cup VII.)


I have taken all this knowledge and put it together for you in ten easy to follow winning tips that I guarantee will improve your game.

How serious are you about winning more often?

Are you ready to see results in a matter of days ?

And to make sure that you get off on the right foot, and start to see results immediately I’am including my ebook “Three Steps To Winning Darts” as my bonus to you.
In it, you will:

  • Discover the “Three Steps To Winning Darts” that apply to all players whether you are a beginner or top player.
  • Understand and master these three steps and you will win more often.
  • Find out why Step # 2 is the KEY that separates the ‘best from the rest’ and can move you from losing to winning.

Three Steps To Winning Darts

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Image of eBook Three Steps To Winning Darts


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Learning 501 Outs


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Game On!


Bill Spears

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