Analyzing your darts Game – Introduction

Fixing your Darts game by looking at your groupings.

I’m working on a few ideas about how to figure out what part of your game needs the most work.

I have 4 areas that I will be developing over the next couple of weeks, but if you’d like to contribute to the discussion, it’ll help everyone get better.

Part1: Beginner issue – The “Hand Test”

If you aren’t throwing your 3 dart group in an area smaller than the size of your hand, held flat on the board, you have control issues. Your first task is working on fundamentals and practicing until you can throw a smaller grouping.

Part 2: The Sight problem: (shotgun spread)

Assuming you pass the Fist Test, if your groups are consistently high-right or below or somewhere off target, your problem is aiming. Think about a gun with a mis-aligned sight.  This is probably the easiest thing to correct

Part 3: The Power Issue (above/below spread):

Your darts end up in a narrow vertical channel, both above and below your target. Here, you may have a power problem – you’re throwing with different intensity for each dart.

Part 4: Stability (left/right spread)

Your darts hit at the same height on the board but vary to the left and or right. (You score a lot of 26s) This is probably a stance-throw problem. Somehow you haven’t locked your body down and are drifting side-to-side when you throw.


I know this is a bit simplistic right now, but I think I’m on the right track once I explain them all. I’d really like your comments.