501 Outs – The Competition?

Here’s a link to a darts article about going out on 104 (with 3 darts).
If you’ve been reading my stuff lately, you know I’m all over 501 Outs this month.

Here’s just another way of showing you how to avoid trouble when trying to win in 01.

Of course, I like my site better, but this shows I’m not the only one talking about this stuff.

I still think you should get the 501 Outs book I talked about earlier :-)

501 Outs: 119 Out

119 Out – an easy quiz

Easy one today. You have 119 to go and 3 darts in your hand.

Quick! Where does your first dart go?

If you said anything other than Treble 20, you’re possibly on the right track. I’ll get back to you.

If you said 19 because you “always shoot 19 for odd numbers in this range”, we need to talk. Be with you in a second…..

IF you said you’d shoot the 20 here, you don’t understand 501 outs.

You’re probably thinking, “119 – 60 is 59. Then single 19 and double Tops for the win”, right? Yeah, I used to be dumb like that too.

Here’s the problem: what happens if you only hit a single 20 on your first dart? You just blew your chance to win this game before your opponent gets another chance. You cannot close 99 with 2 darts! You knew that already, didn’t you? Oh, no, of course you didn’t or we wouldn’t be reading this paragraph together.

If you said 19 but you’re not sure why….

Simple. A single 19 leaves you 100 which is an obvious 2-dart out. A treble 19 leaves 62, which is traditionally taken as T10/D16, not ideal but still an out shot. Personally, I’d aim for the single 19 here, as taking out 100 is easier for most people than the 62 out.

[Advanced quiz #1:  If you leave 100 above and your first dart hits a single 20, where is your last dart going?  The answer is – you should know before you get to the board. ]

If you said something else…

…just be ready to show your work. As a pretty good bull-shooter, I’d probably start with the 50/25 shot…but that’s just me.

501 Darts Quiz: 263 out

501 Outs strategy. Taking down 263.

501 Quiz:

Here’s a little test of your 501 Outs smarts, see how well you do….

You’re at the oche looking at a 263 out. (Yeah, we’re planning ahead).

Your first dart scores 20; your second dart makes you proud and is a T20. You’ve scored 80 with one dart left.

OK, where do you throw your next dart? More importantly, would you even think about it or just try to bang another T20?

Here’s the problem: if your next dart scores a single 20, you’ve created a problem you didn’t need to have. Confused?

Take 100 away from 263 and you have….163. Do you know what’s wrong here?


No? OK. Since I like to keep these articles short, I’ll tell you: you cannot close 163 with 3 darts.

We’ve all played with the Budweiser/Smithwick’s Outs Chart on the wall and none of them tell us about outs above 170 but a real pro starts thinking about his outs up in the 300+ range. Do you?

What to do?

So, next time you see a 263, go ahead and kill 20s, but if you score 80 with your first two darts, the correct last dart is at the 19. If you hit a single 19, you leave 164, which is already spelled out for you on your Local Beer’s Outs chart.

Ton80’s to ya – and know those 501 outs,


Review of Play Better Darts eBook

Review of “Play Better Darts” – A Guide to the Art of 501

I just got my copy of Bill Spears’ book, “Play Better Darts and Win More Often“.

Brilliant! This is an unusual book that covers the key to winning at darts – more specifically, 01 games. There is nothing in it about how to stand at the oche, how to release the dart or how high to hang a dart board. I have links to that all over DartsTecnhique.com, but this book covers a much overlooked discipline in the game of darts – closing the deal.

This is a book about what to shoot and when. The author wisely leaves the “how-to” throw darts stuff to others.

Who this Book is NOT for:

  • Cricket-only players

Cricket is hugely popular in America but the Pros play 501. If you’re not playing ’01 then you’re missing out on the most popular darts game in the world.

  • Beginners

If you’re new to darts, this knowledge won’t matter to you yet. Keep practicing.

  • 01 players who routinely play the double 16-8-4-2-1 roulette

You can read this book now but you have to improve past this stage

  • Players still struggling to hit what they want

If you still consider yourself lucky when you hit 1 out of 3 darts where you were aiming, you need to work on your technique first.

  • Phil Taylor and friends

Pros all know this stuff from 1000’s of games played. This book lets you get inside their heads.

Who Needs this Book Most?

  • 20-grinders who only adjust with around 100 left

Top players start thinking about their outs in the 300s

  • Advanced 01 players who are coming up short in finishes.

If you can think of quite a few games you’ve lost saying “aw, man, I was on double 20”

  • Mathematically-challenged players from the two above

If doing head-math in any way distracts you from your next shot, you need this book.

  • Anyone who plays the game and seriously wants to improve.

The Layout

Rather than normal chapters, the book is broken up into “Winning Tips”. This may seem odd but the Tips have special meaning and it actually makes it easier to refer to ideas later in the book.

When you read Winning Tip #1, you might be tempted to roll your eyes and say “Well, That’s obvious”, but as you read the rest of the tips, you’ll understand why very few players actually do it.

The book is delivered as an ebook and every page lets you jump forward, backwards or

back to the index.

Main points

  • Memorizing Outs is less important than understanding Targets.
  • The number you need to get good at to win 501 – it’s NOT triple 20.
  • Knowing when AND WHY shooting for 180 is wrong – even when starting in the 300 range
  • Know the numbers you should never leave for both 3 and 2 dart finishes.
  • Having an “Outs Chart” on the wall is no substitute for understanding how outs are created and taken out.


With so many examples to work through, this book will help change your thinking as you play. If you keep going through it, your brain will start to automatically warn you when you are in danger of leaving a bad number, “Warning! 99 up ahead. Approach with caution.”

This book is a must have for any serious 01 player. You cannot move up to top levels without making this knowledge a part of you.
I know a few dart friends that will get a copy for Xmas. The only thing that worries me is that I might have to start paying for my Sunday beers.

More information on the Double Outs book.