Welcome to the Darts Minute

This is the very first Darts Minute! Here’s why…

As a  student of the Internet, marketing, self-improvement and stupid YouTube videos, I’ve noticed that there is often a false correlation between length and value, in other words, people seem to think that how long a talk/video/class is has some connection to how “good” it is.

So people add modules and handouts and audios and “extras” and such to create the impression of value.

Oddly enough, my Marketing Brain understands the reasons for this – eg. engagement, participation – but those are techniques to get people to buy something, and are almost exactly the opposite of what we need to get them to learn something.)

Experience tells me that some of the most important things we learn happen in a very short time (“Careful, that’s hot”), and that most lessons can be very quick and focused on one, easy to understand and use idea.

I don’t have a road map yet so I expect these Darts Minutes will touch on every aspect of the game. Over time I think I’ll be able to start grouping these together in a coherent way.

What do I want from you?

Chat. Comments. Feedback. Pushback.

Let me know what you think. Do you like it? Do you disagree? Did I make no sense? Do I have a funny accent? Tell me about it.

If we can turn this into a conversation then I think all dart players will benefit. I know it will certainly help me do a better job.