Changing Darts Equipment

Changing dart sets for the more experienced player.

In an earlier article I stressed sticking with one set of darts and not changing things out.

I think I said something like “the darts don’t matter”.  Now I’m going to tell you about how I just changed my entire dart set.

“Liar!”,   “2-faced git”,   “I knew he was full of it”

Wait, hold on.  I still stand by what I said before but I better say it differently this time:

The darts don’t matter until you’ve reached a certain level of ability.

And even that isn’t quite right because a pro will stomp you throwing Bic pens with pigeon feathers stuffed in the end.

Anyway…..I was messing about with a friend’s set a few weeks back and I kind of liked the feel of them. I was getting really tight groups (though off target) and I thought I’d experiment a bit.

My old trusty set was 22g, no name, mid-length shaft and teardrop flight. My new set is a 24g, old style Phil Taylor Purists, same shaft and the standard kite flight.

Whew. That’s a lot of changes. Here’s a few observations:

The Dart

The Purists are a strange sort of dart. They have a longer barrel than most, a long point, a ton of texture which I don’t normally like and, most importantly, the center of gravity is further back than many darts I’ve used. What I noticed first when throwing these is that the darts hit the board at with less of an arc (i.e. they stick almost parallel to the ground) That’s a major win I think because they tend to not block the target the way a downward-pointing dart does.

By the way, how the darts land isn’t a factor of the darts, it’s the result of how I throw. Pay attention new guys!

The flight

If you want to have a weird darts session, put on a radically different flight shape and go play. Moving from teardrops to kites forces me to change more things than I care to mention, but because I’m a very light thrower I am affected more by my flight than the guys who shake the wall when they hit. Took a while to get used to seeing my darts come in on a different flight path – like someone else was throwing them. I’m still thinking about trying the teardrops on these but I seem to be able to throw these a little harder than my old ones, so I don’t mind the extra drag and I want the stability for now.

The Shaft

I started using these with the really long aluminum shafts they came with (did I metion I bought these used?) but I was all over the board with them. Not so much the points but the flights would be anywhere from 30 deg. left to 30 deg. right of the point ,so I’d obviously added a ton of left/right wobble. Going back the the medium shafts made this stop. Again, that’s a feature of my throw. If I’d always used long flights I would have corrected this by now, but seeing as I’m not trying to revamp my throw right now, I didn’t want to add another negative mechanical issue to my game.

The verdict.

Still out. I’m gonna keep the darts because being so narrow they do tend to stack nicer. (I threw a T80 the other day and I could’ve fit another 6 darts in the trip-20 bed – they were that tight.)

Still thinking that I’ll play with a the shaft and fligh variables som more. I don’t think I cna go too short on these – the whole purpose of the slim, long dart is to move the clutter away from the board, but we’ll see. I’m also gonna stick the teardrops on and see what happens.

I’d like to sort this out this week so I can get back to bitching about my technique.

2 thoughts on “Changing Darts Equipment”

  1. Hey Paul,

    My dominant philosopy is that there is no “right” anything. Stance, grip, darts…nothing. Everything depends on you.
    Here’s an example: I’m 6’4″. I play regularly with a guy who is, I’d guess, about 5’4″. We’re relatively even at darts.
    Question: do you think my stance, my power, the arc of my darts to the board or quite a few other things are the same?
    Obviously not.

    So, it a lighter dart better or worse for you? I have no idea.

    What I always suggest is that you borrow some darts from a friend and throw them for a week (Yes, one week. You can’t throw nine darts and make a decision about anything.)

    Keep a log. Notice how the darts feel, land, group and anything else you notice.
    It’s an ongoing process. You may find that after changing darts that your stance needs adjusting. Then after that,a different grip seems to give better results.

    Also, think about this. As you’ve gotten better, your body has made changes – the mind/body connection has gotten stronger. It makes perfect sense to change things up as you evolve.

  2. I started throwing with 19g john lowes and felt i was useing to much power to get the dart where i wanted , i then used the same dart but a 21g and little improvement bit still needed to throw them hard , then i used 23g assault with full length grip because my thumb was to far bavk for the grip on the john lowes , then i borrowed a set of tropedo shape 23g and still my throw was too weak , now i use 26g tropedo and i use less effort throwing but because the barrel tip is thicker i can only get 4 darts in any treble , my querie is that i have read in a few websites that using a lighter dart is better , i have been playing for 3 years and my accomplishments are 1st season runner up in the local singles , last year we won our league , champions of champions between all local counties this is on a friday night , and this season i play on a sunday night league which this is our first season and have just ended 23rd december 2010 and have come away with the league – and won both cups we entered , im 38 and wish i picked up a set of darts earlier in my life , can you give me some tips on ( does a longer point land the dart higher in the board and do i need to drop my dart weight down to a lighter weight ?? please drop me a comment as im always reading your tips and techniques

    paul “the fyrbster”

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