Correct darts stance, grip and throwing mechanics

I love this post on the mechanics of throwing darts.

While I think he approaches Darts like German auto mechanic, he makes excellent points on the best darts grip, stance and throw.

“Whoa. Hang on Davey…aren’t you always telling us that there’s NO “right” way of doing anything?”

Yes. I say that all the time and I mean it. What this guy shows are the correct principles to throwing better darts.

Understanding the mechanics will help you make the most out of however you throw darts. You should know this stuff…then you can apply it as you see fit.

IF I were taking a brand new player under my wing, so to speak, then these tips are how I would “create” his dart form.

As someone who has played for over 20 years, I’ve moved from a full side stance to a nearly full face-forward stance to something in between enough times to know how my body reacts, but new players should take this stuff to heart.

Play smart,


(fyi: this is a newer version of my earlier post on how to stand and throw darts – the old one is now retired.)