Darts and Zen

Found an interesting post connecting  darts and Zen this morning.

It talks about the need to clear the mind and free yourself from analyzing what you’re doing while throwing your darts.zen and darts practice

I’ve been trying to get there forever it seems, and when I do, I’m always at my best. Some people refer to this state as “flow” and, if you want to go deeper, there is a lot of literature about flow and sports performance . I’m pretty sure this is the definitive work on Flow

If you practice hard and smart – breaking down all the small components of your throw and drilling them – you will train your body to perfom the actions without conscious “monitoring”.

You already do this when you tie your shoes or start your car – you’re not thinking about the mechanical aspects of those. Throwing your best darts should be like that.

(Come to think of it, this goes pretty well with my earlier post on Darts Imagery.)

Check out the orignal article for a different spin on this and let me know what you think – do you see a connection between throwing darts and Zen practice?