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Using Visualization to Improve Your Darts Game

Reading a little on Sports Psychology I found this gem from Karlen Sugarman, M.A:


You can’t ignore the evidence of  how visualization is important to your performance in any physical activity.

(There’s even a section in the Darts Perfection course on exactly this.)

A couple of key points from the article…

1) Practice your visualizations on a regular basis

You don’t need a lot of time for this, just make it a habit. Sitting in a chair with your eyes closed is good, especially when your other-half has one of those cooking shows on TV.

2) Bring all your Senses into play

“Feel” the weight of the dart; “hear” the dart hitting the board; “smell” the pub – well, you might skip this one if you’ve played in some of my locals

3) Visualize your best game

Always see your desired outcome and make it real.

I know this sounds a bit cosmic-hippie for some of you, but there’s solid research showing it will help.

If you’re a science geek, here’s a related study using basketball players shooting free-throws (which, if you think about it, is kind of like darts)

“Dream it, Be it”


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