Introducing The Darts Performance Center

Trying to improve your darts game? Here’s a press release I got from Paul and the Darts Performance Center.

I haven’t been through the entire site yet – and you have to be a member to access the good stuff – but it looks promising and well worth the small investment.


“The Darts Performance Centre is a new website that was set up with one main aim, to assist dart players of all standards to improve. The majority of other popular sports offer specialist coaching and advice to participants, usually from a very young age. The dart player has very little support in this area, except darts forums and team mates, and the advice found there cannot always be relied on!

Paul Gillings, the founder of the Darts Performance Centre, is a sports scientist, whose area of interest is performance analysis.  He has developed a formula for darts players to reach their peak through a combination of goal setting, improvement strategy development, nutrition and coaching advice. “Darts is a sport where you are solely responsible for your performance, preparing yourself and training is essential to success.

The website takes you through a step by step route to improvement. There are no tricks or smoking mirrors or any wild promises. Anyone signing up to the course is told several times, only get involved if you can offer us patience and commitment. We are not trying to make “easy money`, that is not the philoshophy of the site, we would genuinely prefer clients to fully commit to the ideas before parting with any money.

The site is mainly a self-help guide, however, there is an area where we encourage players to keep a training diary. We can interact with our clients via that, we can offer them encouragement, advice or suggest other training methods or ideas. We also have an area where clients can us ask us directly for advice which is then made available for the balance of the site users to look at. Very shortly we will have a PDC and a BDO player offering advice, tips and anything else subscribers want to know.

Membership is £25.00 for a whole year, the same cost as a new set of darts as one member suggested! What’s more the Darts Performance Centre site is continuing to evolve. The commitment to researching and being at the forefront of darts sports science is unwavering and our pledge is that for your £25 accompanied with your time and commitment to using the Darts Performance Centre site resources you will see measurable improvements in your game.”