Darts Survey – help us help you

One thing I’ve been putting off for a few years is creating something that would help Dart players get to the next level. A book, a course…something.

While the articles here are helpful, there isn’t anything tying them together – there’s no plan of action.

So I am preparing a new course and I need your help.

Rather than write about what I think is important, it makes more sense to let the community decide what they need to work on. I put together a small, 4-question survey and sent it to my Facebook group.Take the Darts survey Update: I closed the survey for now and am making sense of the results….

The results so far have been really interesting and I learned some new insights about what you all want. (No, I’m not posting results while the survey is going on – I don’t want people to be swayed by popular opinion. When I have about 500 responses, I’ll post more about it here.)

Thanks for being a part of Darts Technique. I’ll let you know how it all turns out.

Update 1: one consistent thing people are asking me about is help doubling out – the maths and what to shoot for. I can’t teach this any better than Bill Spears in his book on Mastering the Out. I’ve been recommending it for years. It will help you learn the right way to “think” about your outs.