Darts Technique

What is Darts Technique?

I want you to :

  • get better at darts.
  • find the right darts technique for you
  • learn how to throw darts the right way.
  • to tell me how I can help you get better.

I want you to send me a note one day telling me about your latest darts win.
14July12th update:
I HATE THEMES! I love WordPress but getting a new theme to look good, work right and pick up all your tweaks from the last one is a[cryout-button-color url=”#” color=”#47AFFF”] freaking nightmare.
Working. on. it…

Hey guys. Apologies for not posting much lately, I’ve been working on the “business”-side of things and getting the bills paid for the next few months, but I’m about to make some major rennovations to my House of Darts

Where do we go from here? (nothing wrong with a little 80’s flashback.)

First of all, I’m ridiculously pleased that I’m now the #1 search in Google for “Darts Lessons”. I know that doesn’t mean much to you as a darter, but it means that people looking for darts lessons are likely to come to my site first.

And that’s part of why I have to kick this site into high-gear. Most of you know that I don’t make “fluffy” posts; “How to Hang a Dart Board”, “Fun Dart Games for Kids” – not my style. I really want people to come away from here having either learned something useful, or having been able to check stuff they already know against another viewpoint.

In short, you can buy pretty flights anywhere, but you should come here when you want to move your game forward.

What’s coming:

Some things I’m working on in the next few months:

1) Darts Videos: My android phone is awesome. I get better videos on it than anything you could do with a high-end camcorder 10 years ago. There will be a mini-course for game correction, specific problem fixes and general ranting (which I’ll try to keep under control.)
2) New Sites: I’m trying to gather some related darts sites under my umbrella. I’m looking for older darts sites that have something useful to offer AND that complement what I’m doing here.
3) Guest Posters: there are so many dedicated players out there who want to share what they know. I’m hoping to bring some of them here.
4) A New Darts Course?! Thereused to be only one Darts course out there (Darts Perfection) which I actually used to sell. In retrospect, it was pretty mediocre and I stopped offering it. I knew I could do better. This is really my “holy grail” and also the thing I’m least likely to finish any time soon because I have so much I want to do. But I may start with a mini-course and I’m thinking October seems good for a release….
5) ???: It’s your turn. Can I get you all to tell me what you want? What’s missing?, what to you want more of?, what is there too much of? Not just on DartsTechnique.com, but on the darts-internet in general. I’m open to ideas and I hope you all will light the spark here for all of us.

Well…seems like I have some work to do. We’ll talk again soon.