Double Out Like a Pro

Learn how to double out like the pros do

Everyone knows that practice and better darts technique will help you win games, but did you know that knowing what to aim for is just as important as being able to hit your target.

Most people have the wrong strategy when trying double out in 01 games.

You want to know

  • Triples to avoid. What seems obvious may get you in trouble
  • The “Deadly Numbers” why aiming for 20 or 17 from 119 out is wrong
  • Outs don’t start at 170. Understand how to start thinking about your out shot in the high 200’s

Here is the best resource I’ve ever seen on how to double out in 01 dart games.

Master the 2-dart combinations first and you’ll avoid the deadly 99 and 102.
Understand how leaving 110 and 104 will give you better chances to close.

Then learn about the minefield in the 160s and 150s.
Out-charts are a false hope – read the book and learn to double out like a pro!
Click here to Double out.