Improving your Darts Game – The Fist Test for Tighter Groups

Here’s a quick test for you. Throw 5-10 rounds of darts at a sinlge target and notice how far apart your darts are from each other.

The guideline I use is your (tightly clenched) fist: if your darts aren’t consistently landing in an area smaller than your fist then the only thing you should be working on in your dart game is consistency.

Consistency in darts means being able to do the exact same thing 3 times in a row. Your goal is to make every aspect of how your body moves identical through three repetitions of the same movement.

Whenever I see someone throwing wild darts, i.e. failing the Fist Test, I see poor stances, wandering body parts, changing grips and all sorts of things that lead to chaos at the dart board.