Learning to Play Darts (again)

I used to be a Dart Player

Funny thing happened while I was busy writing about, watching and reviewing other people’s darts sites:

I forgot to play darts.

It’s coming up on a year since I moved back to the US after spending 5 years in the UK. and I’ve been a little busy.

Moving, changing careers, scrapping with people I still don’t understand how I’m related to, you know…life.

Finally got around to hanging a board after 11 months back here.

News flash: I suck at darts.

We’ll, I do now anyway.

Why am I so bad now?

See, back in the UK, there was a board on every corner, in almost every pub in town. I kept a set of darts at two different pubs in case I left mine home. We played on Sunday mornings, league on Weds. nights, usually a couple of hours on Friday and Saturday before the drinking started, and pretty much any other day of the week I ran into one of my dart buddies in town.

Now I live in Phoenix, AZ. Stupid plastic darts rule here, people don’t know that Cricket is an actual sport where you wear your best whites and try not to get dirty (in the US, we call that “going to church”) and the nearest steel tip pub is about 10 miles away.

So I’m throwing at home the past few days and I’m thinking, “OK, the arm is stiff, it’ll take a bit to get the flow back”, and other self-deluding bullshit, but I finally had to accept that my game is gone for now.

What to I do?

“Jesus. How am I gonna learn to play darts again? Where do I look. I wish there was a blog about…”. Heeyyyy, wait a minute…didn’t I used to write about this stuff?

I started looking through DartsTechnique and oddly enough, there’s some good stuff here (you really should read the stuff I haven’t posted yet.)

I’m going to document the comeback (or return to form) over the next few months.

I refuse to suck at darts any longer.

Wish me luck.

[Here’s the followup post: Darts Comeback, Episode 1]