Problems with my dart grip

Hey guys. I’m having serious problems with my dart grip…I need your help for a change.


For the last 3 months, I’ve been struggling with getting my grip right. For some reason, I can’t settle into a consistent grip and pressure. Now I usually help others with this but I can’t seem to help myself.


My stance is locked in and my release feels about right, so I’m ok there. My groups are good when I have the right grip but I seem to keep shifting between a tight grip up where the point meets the shaft, and a looser grip where I cradle the darts at threee fingertips and launch the dart.

That may not make much sense but they are pretty similar other than pressure, and I’ve used both grips successfully at times in the past.

Anyone else experience this inability to lock down a part of their game? I’m getting frustrated…..and I should know this stuff!

On the positive side, having problems with my dart grip is keeping me from worrying about my stance. Maybe it’s time to re-read some of my own darts articles.