The Darts Comeback, Episode 1

Re-Learning Darts

Week 1

Ok, don’t worry. I won’t be giving a week-by-week rundown of this. Learning, training and putting knowledge to work take whatever time they’re gonna take.

But the first few darts sessions are pretty damned important (and seriously frustrating.)

The Good News

I haven’t missed the board, broken any windows or bounced out into my dog’s head/ass, so I’m not *that* bad.  The other good news is that I have a plan.

The Sad News

  • My groups wouldn’t fit into the top of a pint glass.
  • I must’ve thrown 15 rounds before I broke 120
  • My normal left/right spread was about 6 inches (definitely failing the “Fist Test” LINK IT). That covers anything from the 12 to the 18 beds shooting 20’s
  • My arm hurts.
  • Eyeglasses wouldn’t.


The “flow” I worked so hard to get when actively playing is gone. I couldn’t find a throwing rhythm at all. Another mark in the use-it-or-lose-it column.

My grip, throw *and* stance all felt awkward. I was thinking about all of them – a definite “don’t” in throwing well. After being off for so long, my muscle-memory suffered a bit of memory loss and nothing seemed to “click”.

What I fixed….

Following my own advice (elsewhere on this site) I broke my problems down and attacked one thing at a time.

Starting with my stance – always the first thing to get right – I went back to basics. Oddly, I couldn’t remember what my last successful stance was. I had experimented with a toe’s forward stance for a while but decided that about a 30-degree angle at the line was better for my overall body mechanics. After about an hour of tweaking foot positions, weight distribution and body alighment, it suddenly “clicked” and my body started slotting back into my old, solid stance.

Next: that damned grip…..

…I’ll save that for next time.