Shoot The Bull Darts Shop

The oldest dart shop in the US is 10 miles from my house. How cool is that?

Living in Phoenix, Arizona now, I got lucky and managed to be a short drive from the oldest, continually run dart shop in the USA (someone stop me if I got that wrong), “Shoot the Bull” Dart Shop.

Super cool. At “Shoot the Bull” I found everything I want in a darts shop and more.

It’s pretty much what you’d hope for in a Darts Shop: darts stuff, more darts stuff and still more darts stuff. (Well, there a bunch of pool/billiard stuff too, but that’s kissin’ cousins.)

Loads of darts, huge selection of flights, shafts, sets, boards and whatever else you’d need.

Oh, yeah –  practice boards and a staff that actually plays darts.

I got talking to Jeff the owner and it’s just a Good Thing to know that the people who run the shop have a love for the game and just like to talk about it.

In the USA, you can call them at 602-279-1917 and I’m sure they’ll send you what you need and do it with a smile. If you’re in town, don’t miss a chance to visit this class act.

My only problem is that now that I have a years’ supply of flights and shafts, I’ll need a new excuse to head to the darts shop any time soon.