501 Outs: 119 Out

119 Out – an easy quiz

Easy one today. You have 119 to go and 3 darts in your hand.

Quick! Where does your first dart go?

If you said anything other than Treble 20, you’re possibly on the right track. I’ll get back to you.

If you said 19 because you “always shoot 19 for odd numbers in this range”, we need to talk. Be with you in a second…..

IF you said you’d shoot the 20 here, you don’t understand 501 outs.

You’re probably thinking, “119 – 60 is 59. Then single 19 and double Tops for the win”, right? Yeah, I used to be dumb like that too.

Here’s the problem: what happens if you only hit a single 20 on your first dart? You just blew your chance to win this game before your opponent gets another chance. You cannot close 99 with 2 darts! You knew that already, didn’t you? Oh, no, of course you didn’t or we wouldn’t be reading this paragraph together.

If you said 19 but you’re not sure why….

Simple. A single 19 leaves you 100 which is an obvious 2-dart out. A treble 19 leaves 62, which is traditionally taken as T10/D16, not ideal but still an out shot. Personally, I’d aim for the single 19 here, as taking out 100 is easier for most people than the 62 out.

[Advanced quiz #1:  If you leave 100 above and your first dart hits a single 20, where is your last dart going?  The answer is – you should know before you get to the board. ]

If you said something else…

…just be ready to show your work. As a pretty good bull-shooter, I’d probably start with the 50/25 shot…but that’s just me.

501 Darts Quiz: 263 out

501 Outs strategy. Taking down 263.

501 Quiz:

Here’s a little test of your 501 Outs smarts, see how well you do….

You’re at the oche looking at a 263 out. (Yeah, we’re planning ahead).

Your first dart scores 20; your second dart makes you proud and is a T20. You’ve scored 80 with one dart left.

OK, where do you throw your next dart? More importantly, would you even think about it or just try to bang another T20?

Here’s the problem: if your next dart scores a single 20, you’ve created a problem you didn’t need to have. Confused?

Take 100 away from 263 and you have….163. Do you know what’s wrong here?


No? OK. Since I like to keep these articles short, I’ll tell you: you cannot close 163 with 3 darts.

We’ve all played with the Budweiser/Smithwick’s Outs Chart on the wall and none of them tell us about outs above 170 but a real pro starts thinking about his outs up in the 300+ range. Do you?

What to do?

So, next time you see a 263, go ahead and kill 20s, but if you score 80 with your first two darts, the correct last dart is at the 19. If you hit a single 19, you leave 164, which is already spelled out for you on your Local Beer’s Outs chart.

Ton80’s to ya – and know those 501 outs,