Being consistent when throwing darts

Improving your Darts Consistancy

I recently got a message on the DartsTechnique facebook account from “Player H”, who said:

“I recently started playing. I’m battling with my darts consistancy. One day I easily throw 20’s and will close a 501 game in under 30 darts.
The next day i cant hit a 20. Because of this, I, tried 19’s, but with the same on and off problem.
This extremely frustrating, and the frustration has resulted in loss of confidence, which affects my closing.”

First of all, a new player closing 501 in under 30 darts, is doing very well, and the fact that he is measuring (keeping track) shows me that ‘H’ could become a good player one day. A great lesson from Marketing also applies to Darts – “you can’t manage what you don’t measure”. Keeping a logbook is extremely important for making progress.

Now I’ve never met ‘H’ so replied:

“Well, first of all…stay on the 20’s. Inconsistency will follow you around the board.

To help evaluate your darts consistency, answer these 2 questions:

Question 1: how are your groups? When you throw 3 darts does one go high, one left and one right; or to you tend to hit 3 triple 1s?
Question 2: how are your checkouts? If I leave you 32, do you usually hit the d16 or do you often end up throwing the 16-8-4-2-1.

I’m guessing as a new player it’s the second one.
I’m big on things like stance and throw mechanics.
Here’s a clue for now: consistency hitting the board is a result of darts consistency in :

  • how you place your feet and body,
  • how you distribute your weight,
  • how high your elbow is,
  • how far your hand travels,
  • and about 20 other things….

so lets figure it out. Glad to help – hit me questions any time.”

I’m hoping to hear back (and I’ll follow up here) but I think that’s a good start.

Would you have answered differently? I’d love to hear your ideas on darts consistency.