Why my last dart goes astray

Why does my third dart miss?

Recognize this?

  • First dart: Trip-20
  • Second dart: Trip-20
  • Third dart: dead center in the single 5

Does this happen to you too? Two darts on target and the third looks like someone else threw it. It feels like you’re finding a grove, and after throwing 2 darts right where you want them, you’d expect the 3rd to be pretty close, but it just seems to wander.

I fixed this in my own game a few years ago and thought this might help some of you.

Here’s where the problem usually lies – you’re doing something subtle but different on your third dart, and there’s 2 main causes that I’ve seen while watching other players with the same problem.

1)      You’re moving toward the board as part of your final throw’s motion. I know, you’re thinking, “Me? Never!” but it really helps to see this by watching other people throw. What happens here is that, after your last dart, you shift your weight forward in preparation to retrieve your darts. This would cause the position of your body/arm to be slightly different as you release dart three.

2)      Your throwing arm ends up in a different place after the last dart because your hand doesn’t have to reach back for another dart. You may notice a sort of circular motion as your hand goes out to release a dart and the returns across your body to get the next one. Since there’s no fourth dart, your hand has a different follow-through on dart three.

It may really help to have a friend watch you throw, or set your camera/phone to film you for a few rounds. It’s probably not something you consciously feel, but it is definitely the first thing to check for if your third dart is straying off the mark.

In the next post, I’ll show you how I corrected my problem and give a few tricks to fixing this particularly annoying problem.

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